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Roasting Pans

Our roasters are created to ensure solid strength and even heat distribution for wonderfully cooked meals. Enjoy cooking turkey, large roasts, or any other meal that’s on the menu.


Manage any meal on the menu with KitchenAid® roasting pans.





Manage any meal on the menu with KitchenAid® roasting pans.

Add a versatile roaster to your kitchen cookware collection.

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Making lamb for Easter? Roasting pans are an essential tool if you enjoy crafting and hosting larger meals, but they’re not just for special occasions. With KitchenAid® aluminum and stainless steel roasters you can prepare lasagna, casseroles, roasted vegetables, crumb cakes, puddings and more with ease. Roasters with a rack are an ideal way to manage large meats since they elevate the main course, letting heat circulate fully for even cooking and keeping it out of the juices so you can baste more evenly. Roasting pans are also great for crafting seafood dishes with clams or mussels, giving your main ingredient plenty of room to open up in the oven. Whether you’re making a one-roaster meal of chicken, potatoes, carrots and onions, whipping up a frittata for brunch with your crew or using it as a water bath while baking delicate dishes, our stainless steel and aluminum roasting pans will help you tackle new tasks in the kitchen. Plus, they’re the perfect way to craft sauces and gravy right from the drippings when your meal is done. Browse our different roasters to see how you can transition this adaptable cooking tool from once-a-year use in November to everyday applications.